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love is the scene I render

when you catch me wide awake

a child dizzy on lemonade
8 September
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love is a tired symphony;
Ramblings galore, occasional squeeing, and pretty pretty picspams can be found in this journal. I'm the opposite of insightful so if you're looking to read something to stimulate your mind don't even bother.

I'm female. 16 and loving it (well, sort of). Self confessed geek. Hockey obsessed. Music lover. Eating and sleeping are my daily hobbies. I ocassionally (okay, always) fangirl over certain things mostly boys/tv shows/movies/books.

I live to ship/to read/to listen/to sleep.
adorable stark sands, amstell makes me lol, andersoncooper = silver fox, april/andy = adorkable love, arrested development, asip, askars is unf, beecher/keller fucked up romance, being human, ben linus = bamf, brad/nate = eyesex extraordinaire, brian fuller’s imagination, broadway is love, brotp, bsg, btvs, burn notice, casey/henry, chuck, chuck/blair, coach and mrs.coach, david tennant, dean/cas are my otp, desmond/penny are epically awesome, dexter = fav. killer, dr. horrible = win, fanfics, farscape, firefly, friday night lights, fry/leela = cartoon otp, genkill is perfect, girlcrush = summer glau, glee is sometimes ugh, glen hansard/marketa irglova, goalies, goddamn timothy olyphant, gold star for rachel, harry potter, himym, hockey is life, i before whedon, i ship harry/luna, iantojones knows everything, in the heights, iron man, jack/ianto, james marsden, james mcavoy, james roday, jason mraz, jensen ackles, jeremy renner, jessica/hoyt are adorkable, jon simm, jonathan safran foer, joseph gordon levitt, justified is the shit, kristen bell is adorbs, lost confuzzles me, lunalovegood is my fave, mad men, malcolm tucker = bamf, matt/julie are love, merlin/arthur are otp, michael c. hall, misfits, mitchell/annie/george = ot3, mmm josh charles, music, my bb andrew garfield, nph = awesomesauce, omar little is bad-ass, once, parker/eliot/hardison = ot3, party down, pete campbell is crazy-cakes, pittsburgh penguins, popular, pretty picspams, psych, pushing daisies, quotes, rachel berry is glee, raylan/hat = otp, rdj, rdj is a bamf, scrubs, serenity, shaun of the dead, sidney motherfucking’ crosby, simon pegg, simon pegg is awesomecakes, skins, spaced, star trek xi, t:scc, the goodwife is awesome, the mentalist, the middleman, the office (uk), the office (us), the sedin twins, the wire, tim riggins, tim/dawn, to read, true blood, tv in general, unf raylan givens, veronica mars, why so pretty mgg